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Southeast (Fujian) Automobile Industry Co., Ltd

20 Jan, 2021

SOUTH EAST(FUJIAN)MOTOR CORPORATION LTD.(SEM)is the largest automotive joint venture across the Taiwan straits, consisting of Fujian Motor Industry Group Co. and China Motor Corporation which is affiliated to Taiwan largest Automobile industry, Yulon Motor Co. Ltd..SEM’s foundation simultaneously attractes 35 Taiwan’s professional automobile accessory suppliers surrounding to the SEM, which makes QINGKOU Town as SEM Motown, the comprehensive automobile production base, armed with the international advanced level and independent development capacity. The pattern of SEM Motown’s industrial cluster forms a close and complete production and supporting system. At the present, there are 256 accessory suppliers serving for SEM, which contains 43 local suppliers in QINGKOU. With the growth of SEM, we are widely developing the parts purchasing market at home and abroad.

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